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Construction platform

Collaborate to share information and revenue
As a pioneer in China's marking technology, Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the marking business. It has been deeply involved in the four business segments of marking coating, marking design, marking construction and equipment development, and is committed to providing customers with continuous support. High-tech content and high market competitiveness of marking solutions and services to provide safe and convenient Traffic for the community. Changda clearly stated that Changda should provide customers with not only quality-quality marking paint products, but also overall supporting services throughout the pre-sale, sale and after-sale process. Different regions, different customers, different road conditions and road sections have different functions and effects on the marking lines. In the future, Changda will pay more attention to solving the perfect reflection of the design and construction effect from the marking paint products to the marking line, and more leverage the strength of the partners to complete the transformation of the headquarters from production and sales to support services.
First, the general
1. The five major products of the “Changda MMA Road Sign Pioneer” series were newly launched, in order to improve the application level of reactive marking lines based on MMA methacrylates, especially the standardization and standardization level of construction operations, and effectively solve the problem covering the whole country. The practical problems of customers, especially partners, promote exchanges and cooperation in the industry, and further increase the market share of MMA series products. Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. will introduce membership management and set up a construction platform focusing on new product construction and core. .
2. Based on membership management, as an organic component and an important supplement to Changda’s “Best Partner Program” for market expansion and product sales, the project platform was established in the form of a club. Incorporate groups or individual members with MMA and/or other types of two-component marking construction experience; on a voluntary, equal, and reciprocal basis, use various techniques, methods, and approaches to establish long-term and construction teams and construction The various cooperation, cooperation and mutual coordination between the team and the construction team pursue mutual benefit and win-win.
Second, membership
1. Long MMA excellent construction team (group member)
a) Construction line of the marking line (Pengan) in or outside China
b) Experience in construction of road marking works
c) Accept Changda's training on two-component construction
d) Recognize the business philosophy and development concept of Changda Company
e) Payment of membership fee of 2,000 yuan / year
2, up to MMA gold medal operator (individual member)
a) Chinese or foreign citizens over the age of 20
b) Have two-component marking construction experience with outstanding performance (such as relative to the construction team or region)
c) Ability to train and impart experience to others
d) can understand the charter and behave well
Third, the benefits of becoming a member
1, information sharing
Information is wealth, information is resources! Do the "intelligence" of information, enjoy the convenience and benefits of the information age!
Changda Company will strengthen the construction of the company's website and build Changda's website into an important platform for information sharing and communication between Changda and the community, and regularly update product information, business information, training videos, sample cases, program design and other materials. Communicate using platforms such as instant messaging tools, email, and online communities. In particular, provide referral services for idle units and construction teams for each member unit.
2, skill improvement
High technology is a high salary! High skill is high income!
Changda will fully improve the training system of construction teams and personnel, strengthen the replication of skills and culture, enhance the construction level and value-added service capabilities of teams and personnel; pursue common development and growth with peers and customers, and promote dual-component marking Application and development of China's marking business.
Training methods include different methods such as headquarters training and local training.
2.1 Headquarters training
The training of this department refers to the training conducted by Changda Company. It is planned to invite some members to conduct training on a regular basis every year according to the plan. Members can also apply to the headquarters for training as needed, but they must bear certain expenses.
2.2 Local training
Local training mainly refers to training in a certain area of the area or on the construction site. One is the training support provided by Changda Company according to regulations or regular visits, and the other is training application according to the needs of members.
3. Revenue sharing
The blowout period for the two-component marking market is coming, and the potential market size and potential for generating additional revenue cannot be underestimated! Changda Company will launch business revenue and resource sharing based on cooperation mode with each member unit, and implement comprehensive price concessions for each member unit.
4, peer exchange
Regular and irregular interactions to increase opportunities for exchanges, understanding and cooperation between peers, and open the door to business!
Fourth, the admission procedures
(1) Fill in the application form and attach a copy of the ID card or legal person's license, photos and other relevant documents;
(2) approved by the board of directors;
(3) Approving the membership, signing the membership contract, and paying the membership fee and deposit;
(4) Issue a membership card/card and become a full member.
V. Membership management
1. Basic rights of members
(1) Members shall enjoy the relevant rights as stipulated in the membership contract and the Articles of Association;
(2) enjoy the information, activities and various value-added services provided by Changda Company;
(3) have supervision, advice and criticism of club management;
(4) The power to transfer membership (usually not refundable, only transferable)
2. Basic obligations of members
(1) Strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations and the rules and regulations of the club;
(2) Paying the prescribed annual management fee or other related expenses on time;
(3) Obey the articles of association, the contract of joining, and accept the daily management and supervision of the club;
3. Membership transfer
(1) A member may hold a membership for 18 months before being transferable;
(2) The original member and the new member shall jointly submit a written application, and the transfer formalities shall be handled after the approval of the board of directors;
4. When a member commits the following problems, he or she has the right to be delisted or suspended for a period of time according to the resolution of the board of directors:
(1) Violation of club rules or violation of national laws;
(2) Injuring the reputation of the club or disrupting the order of the club;
(3) Delay in payment of annual fee or other fees, which will not be performed after 3 months of written warning;
(4) The act of being recognized by the board of directors is subject to disciplinary action.
If the member who has been delisted withdraws the membership card/card, the deposit, entrance fee, etc. will not be refunded.
Sixth, the council
1. The club establishes a council to consult, discuss, and supervise the club. The Board of Directors has a two-year term of office and holds two Board meetings each year. Special meetings can be held in special circumstances.
2. The board of directors shall establish one vice president and one secretary-general, and employ honorary directors and honorary directors as appropriate. Among them, the (deputy) chairman is elected for all members or member representatives. The secretary-general is appointed by Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. and is responsible for the day-to-day management and communication coordination of the club.
3. Board qualification:
(1) Review the rules and regulations of the club
(2) Review and approve applications for membership joining or transfer
(3) Review club management plan, work report, financial report and charging standards
(4) Decide on other major issues
4. The ordinary resolutions of the Council were adopted by a simple majority, and the special resolution was approved by more than two-thirds.
Seven, the supplementary
1. Members should be familiar with the regulations, rules and regulations.
2. Other matters and management measures will be formulated in the future.
3. The right to interpret the articles of association belongs to Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd.