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I.FAQ about Changda Company
1.How large is the total enterprise scale? Business Scope?
Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. (Changda) was established in March 1996. It is headquartered at No. 32 Gaoxin Street, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Taiyuan City. It has a registered capital of 50 million yuan and more than 300 employees. It has obtained many inventions and practical applications. The new patents and various qualifications and honors have an annual completion marking of more than 2 million square meters and a two-component marking line of 1 million square meters.
Main business scope: road marking paint, road marking design, road marking construction, equipment development
2.What honors or qualifications have Changda received?
Changda has 19 national invention patents and utility model patents, such as: high anti-fouling standard invention patent, cement pavement special marking invention patent, regional reflective utility model patent, vibration marking line coating swing device utility model patent, etc. A number of scientific and technological contributions awards and the Ministry of Construction awarded the construction qualifications, and participated in the formulation of a number of national standards, industry standards and construction methods.
As a pioneer in China's marking technology, the company has led China's marking technology for 20 years. It has a leading domestic technology research and development center and a complete market service system. It is the Evonik Asia Pacific Gold Strategic Partner and the only reflective coating for 3M China supplier.
3.What are the main advantages of Changda compared to peers?
It is not only a market breeder, an efficient service provider, but also a technology pioneer. Since its establishment in 1996, it has continuously researched new marking construction technology and developed new marking paint products, which solved the poor adhesion of cement pavement markings, anti-pollution of urban marking lines, snow destruction markings and highway markings in high-altitude cold regions. A series of practical problems such as poor reflectivity, and constantly subdividing the marking market while solving problems, can accurately grasp the market trends, and always be the vane of the marking industry. In addition, the construction strength of Changda is perfect and has more than 20 professional construction teams with rich experience in construction can complete all kinds of projects, and different scribing equipment should be complete.
4.What is the corporate culture and future development plan of Changda?
Vision: To be an innovative marking company with leading domestic brands and first-class brands
Mission: Make the road more vivid and make travel safer
Core values: honest and enterprising, people-oriented, technology-led, continuous innovation
In the future, Changda will continue to carry out technological innovation and market development, and increase investment and efforts in technology marketization and market technology, and continue to provide customers with higher technical content and market competitiveness, solutions and services.

Ⅱ.FAQ about the product
1. What are the products of Changda?
The main products: MMA two-component series of marking; at the same time production: thermoplastic road marking paint, cold paint, water-based paint. All products are supplied with supporting equipment.
2. What is the product of MMA?
In the past few years, we have been concentrating on solving many problems in the marking industry, such as easy pollution of urban marking lines, easy peeling of cement pavement markings, and poor nighttime reflective performance of expressway markings. Including: MMA anti-fouling road marking paint, MMA high-light road marking paint, MMA concrete road marking paint, MMA colorful anti-skid road marking paint, MMA snowy road marking paint.
3. What are the main components of A and B in MMA?
The component A is a binder containing MMA resin, and the component B is a binder containing a curing agent. A chemical crosslinking reaction occurs during film formation, which greatly improves the adhesion of the marking line and the bonding strength to the glass beads, so that the marking film is coated. It is more compact and unaffected by temperature changes, thus greatly improving the durability of the marking. It has been proven that the markings with DEGAROUTE® reactive resin as the basic component should be used for at least 3 years.
4. Why is the anti-fouling property of the Changda’s MMA product better? Why is the traditional hot melt coating poor in dirt resistance?
First, MMA resin is an irreversible resin. The marking line is chemically formed into a film. At the same time, it is no longer affected by temperature changes after chemical reaction. It will not crack when the temperature is too low, nor will it become soft when the temperature is too high. Therefore, it does not adhere to dust like the thermoplastic marking line; secondly, the marking material of the marking line is fine, the denseness of the marking line after film formation is high, and the dust is not easily infiltrated into the marking layer coating;
Second, when the construction of the anti-fouling marking line is urban road, the urban road is generally well illuminated, and the reflective performance index of the marking can be weakened. The anti-fouling marking line after construction is a white marking line during the day, due to the evening. The marking line does not cover the glass beads. The surface of the marking line is specularly reflective to the lights such as the headlights and street lamps. Sitting on the marking line of the car is as bright as a mirror, and effectively functions as a separation of the marking lanes.
The thermoplastic coating uses C5 petroleum resin, which is a thermoplastic resin and has reversibility. That is to say, the thermoplastic marking line is heated and melted and then applied to the road surface to cool and solidify into a marking line, but it is easy to soften again when the temperature is high in summer. The softened marking line is easy to push dust and other debris into the marking line under the action of external force such as automobile, and pollute the marking line; in addition, the thermoplasticing marking line is relatively rough, and the marking line is not easy to clean after infiltrating impurities. The problem of the thermoplastic marking line itself is particularly obvious in the north, that is, in the case of sufficient rain in the south, although the anti-fouling effect of the marking line is better than that of the north, there are also such problems.
5. How does the MMA high-reverse cursor line coating achieve high reflectivity?
First, the MMA road sign pioneer highlight line paint is based on Germany imported MMA resin as the main raw material, the marking film is chemically cured to form a film, in the reaction, the glass beads can be sprinkled on the surface of the marking as a filler. Firmly firmly in the marking line, achieving long-lasting firm adhesion to the glass beads;
Second, select glass beads manufacturers to improve the quality of glass beads;
Third, the high wear resistance of the marking line ensures that the high anti-cursor line not only has good reflection effect, but also achieves long-term reflection; the data shows that the 0.6mm MMA high-elastic marking coating can be quite wear-resistant for the 2mm coating of the thermoplastic marking. In some road sections with large traffic flow, the coating process is applied, the coating thickness is 1.2-1.5mm, and the life of the marking line can be greatly improved.
Fourth, in some special road sections, such as the northeast and Yunnan-Guichuan where the snow removal is more serious, we have developed a concave marking line, which is like a channel-like structure, in the case of enhancing the overall strength of the marking line. It can also effectively ensure that the surface of the glass beads will not be scraped off by external forces such as graders, snow removal shovel, etc., so that the marking line will be highly reflective for a long time.
6. Why is the adhesion of the MMA series products better?
The long-term MMA series products have good adhesion and good adhesion on different materials, mainly through two aspects:
First, strong penetration: The product is produced with Evonik special resin. The molecular weight of the single component is very small and has strong physical permeability (like many "nails" are scattered on the road surface).
Second, cross-linking: chemical cross-linking reaction between two components during coagulation and solidification (one kind of polymerization, like nailing nails to the ground, then connecting the webs vertically and horizontally), thus making the marking Strongly combined with the road surface, it is difficult to fall off.
In combination with China's national conditions and years of practice, Changda Company conducted a special study on the adhesion of cement pavement, combined with its own patent (two-component road marking paint for cement pavement and its manufacturing method, patent number: No. 508649) Targeted improvement, the introduction of MMA cement pavement special marking paint, and the MMA road sign pioneer-MMA cement pavement special marking paint to fully meet the requirements of cement pavement, airport, port, dock and other marking lines.
7. What is the difference between the MMA color road anti-skid coating and the epoxy resin anti-skid marking?
(1)Epoxy resin:
Advantages: Cheap price
a. Cracks, cracks may occur shortly after construction, especially on new asphalt pavements.
b. Discoloration: The epoxy resin has poor weather resistance and yellowing reaction. With the passage of time, no matter whether it is adjusted to red or other colors at the beginning, yellowing will occur in some time. This problem is a common problem.
c. Powdering: There is also a defect in the characteristics of epoxy resin, which is poor in powdering resistance. When the time is a little longer, powdering and shedding will occur. Generally, the phenomenon of shedding is more serious after 1.5 to 2 years.
d, the curing time is longer: the curing time is related to the temperature. When the summer temperature is higher than 30 degrees, it is generally about 20 minutes. When the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, it may reach more than 8 hours.
(2) MMA reactive acrylic:
Advantages: Corresponding to the shortcomings of epoxy resin, it basically has no crack, discoloration or chalking phenomenon. The main reason is that the resin has a certain flexibility after the reaction, and is as flexible as possible with the asphalt pavement, so the crack problem is solved. The curing time is basically about 2 hours.
Disadvantages: higher price
8. Why is the price of the MMA product higher than other manufacturers?
First: the MMA resin produced by the German company Evonik is used. At present, there are only two domestically-produced resins, one is Hepu Chemical, the other is Changda, and other domestic companies are self-synthesized, due to the raw material gap. Larger, so the price gap between finished products is also large;
Second: pay attention to the construction of marking line cleaning and special undercoating during construction. The unit that reports low price will omit these two steps, especially the cost of special coating agent will be 4-5 yuan/square meter;
Third: the thickness of the marking film is only 0.4mm or even thinner when the construction is low, so the coating may be reduced by 0.2mm per 0.6mm of the square meter, the material can save about 0.4kg, and the unit price is reduced by about 10 yuan.
Long-term MMA marking products require careful and careful organization in the coating process and construction process, and do not use profiteering or cut corners as a means of profit, in order to effectively solve the problems in the application of marking.
3.The construction of the question and answer
1. How many types of construction methods can be used for the MMA series of marking lines? What is the construction process?
At present, it is mainly composed of direct spraying, screeding, and composite marking construction.
Construction process: closed traffic - release line - cleaning the road surface - construction special coating agent - preparation of paint - coating marking line - correction - release traffic
2. Is the construction equipment a supporting professional equipment? Can long-term rental and external sales?
Construction equipment is professional equipment, the company provides sales and rental services.
3. What services can Changda provide to the construction team?
The company provides comprehensive construction technical training for the construction team, and can provide necessary guidance during the construction process of the construction team. More importantly, it can build a construction experience exchange platform and provide construction information for the construction team.
For details, please refer to the “Construction Platform” section of the “Cooperative Promotion” module of the website, and call 400-007-0127 to negotiate.

Ⅳ.FAQ about service
1. What is the service content of Changda?
Provide comprehensive product/technical materials and construction solutions
Can request to visit the company and / or model factory, inspection test section
Set up a sophisticated technical service team to recommend the most suitable marking material products and supporting construction plans according to different regions/road conditions/slopes.
Provide customized products according to different needs of customers, and comprehensively solve practical problems encountered during marking construction
Professional training for the use of equipment and construction solutions
According to the requirements of the owner or the construction unit, professionals can be dispatched for on-site guidance and technical exchange.
After sales:
Fast and timely after-sales service response
Document all projects and customers, and regularly inspect, return visits, provide guidance or solve problems
Give priority to relevant technical seminars, new product launches, technical application seminars, etc., so that you can always stand at the forefront of technology
2. Long service methods
Language service: use the form of language communication such as telephone and mobile phone to analyze and solve problems according to the information provided by customers.
Document Service: Provide customers with problem analysis results and technical solutions by fax, email, QQ, etc., to help customers solve problems in paint use.
On-site service: Assign technicians with rich theoretical and practical experience to the construction site to analyze and formulate implementation technical solutions on site.
3. Long service commitment
Establish a 7×24-hour service system, no matter when and where customers, the company can help customers analyze and solve problems in an effective way at the first time.
Ⅴ.FAQ about Cooperation promotion
1. What is the “Best Partner Program”?
(1) Love the marking business, be familiar with traffic safety facilities, especially the marking industry, and be able to invest in the marking business;
(2) There is a certain social and market interpersonal relationship in the target market area; the qualifications, experience and ability to have the security engineering and road maintenance are preferred;
(3) Recognize the company's business philosophy and management model; willing to accept training in the operation mode and construction of Changda's headquarters
2. Why join the “Best Partner Program”?
Positioning advantage: China's marking technology pioneer, with the vision of creating an innovative marking company with leading domestic and international first-class brands, develops a series of products represented by the long MMA marking line, and looks at the commercial positioning of differentiated features.
Policy Advantages: During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the state's macroeconomic regulation and control will focus on "expanding domestic demand, maintaining growth, and adjusting structure" to maintain stable and rapid economic development, which is conducive to the formation of a stable domestic demand market.
R & D advantages Focus on and lead China's marking technology for 16 years, leading the 3.1 China era of the marking market; a series of emerging products, constantly refreshing the industry and industry.
Management advantages: The headquarters has many years of branch management experience, and has established a standardized operation system. The management operation is ahead of the same industry; the regional marketing center is set up based on the seven major areas to solve the problem of cooperation.
Brand advantages: “China Transportation Enterprise Famous Brand” and “China AAA Credit Construction Unit”; the marking line industry took the lead in passing the ISO9001 quality system certification. In 2005, the first domestically proposed concept of rational application of marking products, the same system was published in the same year. And can be practically applied to the "marking materials and applications" professional books. Long-term products with high quality, high technology and added value have been applied to most provinces and cities in the country.;
Service advantage: It has advanced and effective business model, standardized operation system and rigorous and scientific operation plan formed by long-term market experience. The company is equipped with corresponding professionals to assist partners to develop markets, plan effective market expansion plans, and cooperate with all levels. Business training.
Advantages of equipment: A strategic cooperation agreement with professional equipment manufacturers, in strict accordance with the requirements of long-term, new two-component scribing equipment with simple operation and excellent performance to ensure construction quality, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.
Cost advantage: Up to MMA standard line new products at this stage to adopt unified supply, centralized production, centralized distribution mode, shorten logistics warehousing time, reduce greater investment in handling equipment and energy, and reduce operating costs. Traditional products can be supplied near the headquarters production base and three regional production workshops, shortening the logistics distance and reducing logistics costs.
3. How can Changda protect the interests of partners?
Regional security Adopt the principle of investment promotion with administrative areas as the authorized business scope, strict regional market division and management, prevent disorderly production and sales of products, and maximize the interests of partners.
Price protection Execute the price system of the guidance to avoid vicious price competition; implement preferential prices for the partners to benefit the partners.
Service Guarantee Perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service system, regular or irregular door-to-door guidance, assisting partners to carry out market development, daily operation management, customer condition maintenance, and guarantee worry-free operation.
Exit protection The zero-risk measures of standard operation + equipment rental + deposit return enable the partners to easily enter and exit safely, and the operation is easy.
4. What kind of support does Changda provide to partners?
Logistics service support material quality assurance, adequate supply; logistics and transportation guarantee, delivery of goods to customers at the fastest speed; construction team, construction equipment support (see "Changda MMA Equipment Management Measures" for details); construction personnel training, construction site guide.
Market development support technical support, if necessary, send professionals to introduce and explain to customers; and conduct media reports and website publicity; conduct regular professional lectures and technical exchange meetings;
Professional training support business personnel sales skills training, related legal knowledge, financial knowledge, product information training; business negotiation training;
After-sales service support customer return visit; construction site quality inspection control; special person responsible for after-sales service