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Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd.


Founded in 1996, Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shanxi Changda) has a registered capital of 50 million yuan. It is located in Taiyuan High-tech Development Zone. After more than 20 years of development, it has become the National high-tech enterprises integrating the research and development and production of marking line coatings, sales, engineering design, construction and after-sales.

Shanxi Changda has the professional contracting qualification for highway traffic engineering (road safety facilities). It owns three wholly-owned subsidiaries of Shanxi Zhongtu Traffic Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Changda Building Materials Co., Ltd. and Taiyuan Changda Renhe Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. . The company has modern production bases in Yuci Industrial Park, Hunan Pingjiang Industrial Park and Xuzhou Industrial Park. It has 16 offices across the country to serve local cities and highway markets.

As a company that has been deeply plunged into the marking industry for 20 years, Shanxi Changda has its own professional construction team, automated machinery and equipment and many years of construction experience. With leading construction technology and high-quality project implementation, the company has won several collective honors such as “advanced construction unit” and “excellent construction unit”. 2013 Chengdu - Zigong - Luzhou - Chishui (Chuanyujie) Expressway Chengren Section project won the Sichuan Province Construction Project "Tianfu Cup" Gold Award, and in 2017 and 2018 participated in the Century Project Hong Kong-Zhuhai Bridge two components construction of road markings, the key guarantees for the Winter Olympics: the construction of the Yanxing Expressway and the Yanchong Expressway.

Since its inception, Shanxi Changda has been adhering to the values of “honest and enterprising, people-oriented, technology-led, and continuous innovation”. It has always been in a steady and rapid development state and has now become a leading domestic leading enterprise in the marking industry. The company currently has ten invention patents, nine utility model patents, two national-level marking construction methods, five scientific and technological achievements appraisal, and participated in the formulation of a number of national standards and industry standards. It is the first high-tech enterprise in the marking industry. The only provincial-level technology center in the industry is also the first company in the industry to pass the intellectual property standards. In recent years, the company has been awarded the special "new giant" enterprise, "tax credit A-level certificate", "Shanxi famous brand", "Shanxi Province innovative pilot enterprise" and "Shanxi Province special-purpose special enterprise" as assessed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. New enterprise, "four new enterprises in Shanxi Province", "Taiyuan City integrity enterprise" and other honorary titles.

Looking forward to the future, Shanxi Changda will continue to take “making the road more vivid and making travel safer” as its corporate mission, and strive to provide better and more effective protection for driving safety, and provide high quality marking materials and construction for road marking applications. The solution absorbs advanced experience at home and abroad and makes greater contributions to China's transportation industry!


Wholly owned subsidiaries




5000 million


Founded in 1996

16 offices across

Two-component market


Registered capital is 50 million yuan