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corporate culture

Corporate culture is a collection of ideas formed by the company in the development process in line with its business development ideas. In the development of more than 20 years, Changda Company has also formed its own culture. The vision of Changda Company is “to become an innovative marking company with leading domestic brands and first-class brands”. Changda Company has been intensively working in the traffic marking industry for more than 20 years. It has gradually started the brand in the industry, established itself and consolidated its position in the industry, and its vision is gradually realized. With its own line products as its core, Changda has established its corporate mission of “making the road more vivid and making travel safer”. It not only expresses the determination to pursue product innovation, but also reflects the long-term social responsibility. The core values of Changda are “honest and enterprising, people-oriented, technology-led and continuous innovation”. "Honesty and enterprising" reflects Changda's inheritance of honesty as a Shanxi merchant. It is not only a requirement and code of conduct for all employees, but also an attitude and spiritual outlook for foreign cooperation. "People-oriented" expresses Changda's emphasis on people, care for employees and customer-centric service concept. "Technology Leading" shows long-term belief in technology, intends to lead the marking industry through technology, and use technology as the engine of enterprise development. “Continuous Innovation” is a long-term focus on the future development of the marking line, constantly making product updates iterative. Chairman Du Limin also mentioned innovation many times. The marking products developed over the years have been widely used in the market, which proves the pursuit of Changda in the field of innovation.