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Changda Focus|Expert Sun Xianjun and Wang Xing come to the company to give guidance

On February 22nd, Sun Xianjun, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of the Reflective Materials Branch of the China Communications Enterprise Management Association, and Wang Xing, Senior Engineer of the Traffic Engineering Testing Center of the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, visited Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. to bring to all employees. A professional authority, rich content industry knowledge feast.


The subject of Sun Xianjun's lectures is “Quality Control of Four-Level Marking Construction and Use of Glass Beads”. In addition to teaching the basic knowledge of road markings, he focuses on the use and role of the bottom oil in marking construction. , the range of use of glass beads of different classifications. At the same time, he also explained the function of functional markings such as colored non-slip marking lines, vibration marking lines and rainy night markings in the form of case pictures. Focusing on the theme of construction quality control, Sun Xianjun combined with years of project experience and collected research data, listed the problems in the construction process and proposed solutions. He analyzed the problems existing in the quality control of marking construction from the source, and proposed industrial problems that can be solved and solved from the aspects of marking thickness design, marking position design, raw material inspection and acceptance, and testing instruments.



The subject of Wang Xing's teaching is “Quality Requirements for Traffic Safety Facilities and Inspection and Acceptance Inspection”. He introduced the main contents of the project acceptance, the basis of acceptance, the acceptance procedure, and the quality assessment of the project. He focused on the quality requirements of traffic safety facilities and the relevant standards for acceptance testing. He explained in detail the terms and conditions of the road traffic marking quality assessment standards in the latest policy. The listed cases pointed out problems in the construction and acceptance of traffic safety facilities, such as markings. The coefficient of retroreflection is not up to standard, the marking is cracked, and the glass beads are not qualified.
Through the expert's preaching of industry knowledge, everyone has a new understanding and mastery of professional knowledge, and can use the theory to guide the actual work well. This training is of great significance. In the development plan formulated by Changda Company, specialization is the direction of key promotion. Changda has been deeply involved in the marking industry for more than 20 years, and has the technical level of leading industry and mature project implementation experience. With the expansion of the company's scale and the increase of personnel, the degree of specialization needs to be further deepened, learn from experts, improve the level of specialization, and provide better engineering services for the owners.