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Annual event|Changda held a commendation event and summary meeting

On February 21st, the sky was clear and the spring was getting stronger. Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. outstanding staff commendation activities and summary meeting was held. The company's senior leaders and managers and employees from all over the country gathered together to celebrate the event. The conference was presided over by Deputy General Manager Chen Pingding.


First of all, Chairman Du Limin made a speech at the meeting. He said that the Changda cause is inseparable from the struggle and hard work of every employee. Thank you for working together with Changda and the wind to achieve the long-term development goals. Changda should be grateful for the experience of the past year. It makes Changda more rational and courageous to face the reality and become the driving force for the continuous advancement. Changda people need to look forward, pick up their sleeves and work hard, continue to lead the industry with technology, build and improve the professional team, build a first-class engineering service team, and provide strong support for the realization of the "five-five" plan.



Subsequently, General Manager Yang Xiaodong made a summary report on the operation of each office in 2018, and proposed the company's next transformation direction, from the bidding marketing to the technical marketing, from the pursuit of the number of marking lines to construction safety and construction quality. Transformation, from extensive management to refined management, from fragmented area accounting to centralized accounting. According to the direction of the transformation strategy, General Manager Yang Xiaodong made the main work arrangement in 2019. He pointed out that on the basis of last year's output value, the 2019 output value target should achieve a breakthrough, to reach 200 million yuan, the construction area of  the marking line is 5 million square meters, the passing rate of the marking line is over 95%, and zero accidents. He also stressed the need to strengthen the accounting management of project material costs and construction costs, so that the accounts are clear and well-informed. He requested that the work of the technical center should be steadily advanced, and support the offices through research cooperation, seminars, construction drawings, construction equipment, and construction techniques.



Finally, the conference commended the 19 outstanding employees selected by the National Office. Every recognized employee receives his or her own honor. They come from the front line of the project, and there are different stories behind them, but the meaning is the same, that is, for the long-term cause of dedication, no regrets.




During the annual meeting, the company invited Sun Xianjun, executive vice president and secretary general of the Reflective Materials Branch of the China Communications Enterprise Management Association, and Wang Xing, senior engineer of the Traffic Engineering Testing Center of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, respectively, to focus on the quality control of the four-level marking construction. The theme of “Use of Glass Beads”, “Quality Requirements for Traffic Safety Facilities and Inspection and Acceptance Inspection” shared the professional knowledge and detailed knowledge of the marking industry. Participants systematically learned the content of the marking construction and industry standard knowledge. They benefited a lot.