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Du Limin: Innovation must solve real problems

On June 5th, the 2018 China Road Traffic Safety Think Tank Conference and Industrial Innovation Forum with the theme of “Innovation Leading Wisdom and Smoothness” was successfully held in Jiangsu Provincial Conference Center. More than 600 guests, experts and representatives from traffic safety management departments, research institutes, enterprises and institutions across the country attended the meeting.
The conference was hosted by China Security Industry Association, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, Jiangsu Provincial Comprehensive Transportation Society, Traffic Management Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, and Highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport. Alibaba Group - Coordinated by Gaode Software Co., Ltd., Nanjing Baixia High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, Jiangsu Kechuang Transportation Safety Industry Research Institute, and Nanjing Saikang Traffic Safety Technology Co., Ltd.
The conference also opened four sub-forums. Fang Dan of the World Health Organization China Road Safety and Injury Prevention Program, Huang Helai, Professor of School of Transportation Engineering, Central South University, Lu Jian, Professor of School of Transportation Engineering, Tongji University, and experts and representatives of some traffic safety management departments and emerging traffic safety technology companies The company has conducted in-depth and extensive discussions on current road traffic safety status and actions, traffic safety technology innovation in the era of smart network, road traffic safety engineering frontier new technology, automobile intelligent safety escort warning and anti-collision technology.
A highlight of the conference was a group of cross-industry companies such as Huawei, Gaode Software, Hanergy Film, and Sanbao Technology. Shao Haigang from Huawei shared the first application examples of the practical application of NB-IOT technology and the integration with traffic safety facilities. He pointed out that NB-IOT technology will become a technology commonly used in various industries including transportation facilities. From Alibaba Group-Gao De Software Wu Zezhen delivered a keynote speech "Internet Big Data Helps Traffic Safety", he said that Internet big data can play a positive role in preventing traffic accidents, improve prevention capabilities, and protect road maintenance personnel and traffic police. The safety of the driver provides warning information to prevent the driver from happening. The cross-border participation of these enterprises enriched the content of the meeting and collided with the traditional concept of traffic safety, which refreshed the industry's understanding of intelligent transportation and promoted the development of traffic safety intelligent concepts and practices.
At the meeting, Du Limin, Chairman of Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. made a keynote speech on "The Status and Development Direction of the Marking Line under the Most Strict Control".
In view of the current development of road markings, he pointed out that the marking industry faces two major problems: environmental protection and reflective brightness. Hot melt coatings consume energy when heated, while also producing carbon monoxide and carbon emissions, which are clearly not environmentally friendly products. China's current use of hot melt coatings accounts for 85%-90%. Solving the environmental problems in the marking line brings challenges and tests to the entire marking industry. This year, the reflective brightness of the markings has received the attention of the media and relevant regulatory authorities. In the speech, he mentioned that the minimum retroreflection value of the European unified standard white line should reach 100 mcd·m-2·lx-1, and the Chinese unified standard is 80 mcd·m-2·lx-1, when it is lower than 80 mcd· When m-2·lx-1, the anti-cursor line is unqualified, but in the past, everyone thought that the marking line could be seen during the day, and the nighttime effect of the marking line was not paid enough attention. Whether the retroreflective value can maintain 80 mcd·m-2·lx-1 after two years or one year, there is no number in the mind, but the retroreflection value of 80 mcd·m-2·lx-1 is not high. . Due to industry competition and cost considerations, construction companies are not meeting the requirements for reflective brightness in the use of glass beads for reflective materials. He pointed out that this is not a technical issue, it is a management issue. The traffic management department is developing standards for coatings and markings, which will be officially implemented at the latest next year.
Combined with his exchange experience with Graco in the United States, he pointed out that China is currently the largest amount of hot melt coatings, hot melt coatings accounted for 85%, solvent type accounted for about 10%, and the remaining about 5%. The United States has no solvent type, and their water-based type accounts for 40%. Different marking materials and different construction methods directly determine the construction efficiency and environmental protection of the marking. The construction of China's hot melt marking line is hand-pushing, with low efficiency and high construction risk. The United States is basically a vehicle-mounted marking line construction, and it is highly safe. Due to the large temperature difference, the hot melt marking is easily contaminated. In the later maintenance, the removal cost of the hot melt marking line is high, and the problem of cracking is likely to occur due to the increase in thickness on the original basis.
Regarding the defects of hot-melt marking, he pointed out that Changda Company's innovative research and development promotes MMA two-component marking. The advantages of two-component marking are high viscosity, high pollution resistance, high light reflection and high efficiency. The double-group marking line is carried out by means of vehicle-mounted spraying. The vehicle construction can be 8,000 square meters per day, while the hot-melt marking trolley can only be 800 square meters, and its efficiency is increased by 10 times. Because of the concept and price, the two-component marking line now accounts for only 1% to 2% in China, while the European two-component marking line can account for about 15%, and the US has more than 20%. When he talked about the concept of lifeline of the marking line, he said that there are some products that you think are high in price. If you use 10 or 20 years, the average cost is low. This is a question of choosing the method of marking materials.
When talking about the experience of doing business, he believes that “two persistences” means persisting in an industry and insisting on enterprise innovation. Adhere to an industry in order to be precise, to be specialized, to be strong, to persist in innovation to lead the industry and maintain the vitality of the enterprise. At the same time, he believes that innovation can not be eager to achieve success, to be willing to invest, and finally to have a return, innovation to solve real problems, and finally to form industrialization.