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Storage and re-starting | Changda's first "hard nuclear" training to open a new journey

On February 28th, in the warm applause, Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. came to a close with four days of intense construction training and technical competition. About 200 people from various office managers, project management personnel and construction team representatives participated in the training. Through product knowledge training and construction team technical competition, the project management personnel have more professional knowledge, and the construction team construction method is more standardized and standardized. The large-scale training organized by the company is designed to deepen the professionalism of the team and provide customers with better quality marking engineering services in the market competition.



Training high frequency words "safety"

Safety is the benefit and the basis for the stable development of the company. This training puts "safety" first. General Manager Yang Xiaodong emphasized at the training meeting that the development of the company relies on the construction team. The training of the construction team is the consideration of the company to achieve the target output value. It is also focused on the standardization of construction methods and the need to standardize the construction methods to ensure safety. The safety training course is scheduled on the first day. In the content setting, the training contents of the safety accident case display, the safety accident case analysis, and the safety accident prevention measures are comprehensive. The construction team trainers resumed the accident and passed the case analysis to pay more attention to safety. During the interactive communication process, they learned how to prevent accidents and further enhanced their safety awareness. In project management, safety is an important aspect of assessment. Only by controlling security risks can the project be implemented smoothly. Project management personnel have repeatedly mentioned the importance of safety in training. Through this safety training, the safety concept of project management personnel has been improved. In the future project management, I believe that managers can put safety on their minds and implement them on the construction site to promote the project more smoothly and steadily.




Brain supplement "specialized knowledge"
The explanation of product knowledge is an important part of this training. Excellent office managers have their own product expertise. They share the project experience and combine the problems encountered in the specific construction to popularize the knowledge of cold paint, hot melt, two-component and color anti-skid marking products. Describe the standard operation in actual construction, analyze possible problems and provide solutions. The lecturers are from the front line and have rich practical experience in the project. The lecture style is easy to understand and detailed. The participants revisited the product knowledge, supplemented the inadequacies, and solved the doubtful problems, all of which expressed great benefits.



In response to the growing construction team, Guo Xiaojie from the Shanxi office told the company about the construction of the standardized construction team, from staffing to safe operation procedures, to the office that is forming the team. Valuable information has raised the reference standard for offices that need to improve the construction team.




During the construction process, each office will encounter management problems and technical problems. Mao Hongpu, manager of the Shanxi office, listed the representative problems of the offices in recent years, and gave corresponding solutions through analysis one by one. Through the study, the management personnel of each office can not only play the role of “looking in the mirror”, but also reflect on themselves and plan ahead to avoid possible problems.
Passion PK technology big contest
In order to inspect the construction team and standardize construction standardization, nearly 30 construction team participants not only conducted theoretical examinations of professional knowledge, but also organized construction techniques in small groups, mainly for hot melt marking and two-component marking. On-site planning. The construction team of this competition is neatly dressed, full of passion and high momentum. The competition is conducted in small groups on a group basis. In the competition, the players of the competition focus on seriousness, division of labor and cooperation, and the connection, marking, planning and cleaning of the links are closely linked and in an orderly manner.






The competition was judged by the office managers. After the completion of the group marking, the judges comprehensively evaluated the construction results from the construction time, the thickness of the marking, the retroreflective value, the glass beads and the linear shape of the marking.
This technical competition has selected 5 first-level construction teams and 10 second-level construction teams. The construction team level will be linked to the construction fee.



The role of project management personnel in the project implementation process is crucial, not only to be familiar with the product, but more importantly to do quality supervision, cost control and personnel management. The participants shared their experiences at the training meeting, including contact with customers, contract signing, technical problem handling, and project settlement considerations. In addition to the competition between the construction teams, the management personnel also participated in the training. Assessment. The content of the assessment is the basic knowledge of the industry standards and the problems in the actual construction. The test paper mainly assesses the ability of management personnel to deal with technical problems arising during construction. In the assessment, managers can test their professional knowledge, check for missing vacancies, strengthen learning, and make themselves more comfortable in future project management.



For a company, the degree of specialization directly affects the company's competitiveness in the market. Specialization is not an empty concept, but a systematic project including system construction, technology research and development, and process design. Changda has always been on the road of specialization. With this training as an opportunity, the degree of specialization will be higher, and it will provide owners with more trustworthy and perfect engineering services.