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Focus|Changda successfully hosted Guizhou Marking Line Quality Improvement Seminar

On the afternoon of June 26, sponsored by the Guizhou Provincial Highway Society, the China Transportation Enterprise Association Reflective Materials Branch and the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, and the Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd., “to make the road more vivid and make travel safer”— —The marking quality improvement seminar was successfully held in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. The purpose of this seminar is to improve the level of “Changan Shumei” and quality engineering of ordinary national trunk roads in Guizhou Province, and strive to create a number of quality projects, safety projects, sunshine projects, quality projects, and improve the quality and management level of marking lines in Guizhou Province. 
More than 150 engineering and technical personnel and management personnel from 40 traffic engineering inspection departments, survey and design units, construction units, supervision units, highway construction units, and highway maintenance units attended the conference.



At the beginning of the meeting, Director of the Inspection and Maintenance Committee of the Guizhou Provincial Highway Society, Mr. Huang Kunquan delivered a speech. He pointed out that the traffic markings in Guizhou Province are currently facing severe challenges due to environmental, climatic, geographical and other factors. Learning new technologies and promoting new products is Guizhou. The current top priority of the province. This requires the joint efforts of all parties. Then, Li Weishuang, secretary of the Party Committee of the China Communications Enterprise Management Association and chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the former Ministry of Communications, gave a detailed introduction on China's current road development and future development. At the meeting, Yang Xiaodong, the general manager of Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd., made an in-depth explanation on the important role of the marking line on the road.




At the seminar, Qiao Xiaolin, a senior engineer of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, made a keynote speech on the topic of “Marking Line Detection Method”; Hao Baosheng, Technical Director of Shanxi Changda Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd., “The Practice of Rationality in the Selection of Highway Traffic Markings” “Discussion” was shared with the participants. Sun Xianjun, Secretary General of the Reflective Materials Branch of China Transportation Enterprise Association, analyzed the future development direction of the marking line with the theme of “The Status and Development Status of the Marking Line”; from Zunyi Operation Management of Guizhou Provincial Highway Development Corporation Yang Jin, the center bridge and tunnel engineer, shared the practical application of new materials on the road markings in Guizhou Province with the theme of “Application of New Type Marking Materials in Guizhou Province”. The four speakers gave a deep analysis of the road markings in the design, material selection, construction, testing, after-sales and other aspects, and put forward the problems in the practical application of the road markings and provided solutions, which were delivered to the units on the site. The most advanced technical information at home and abroad explores the future direction of the industry.





It is noteworthy that Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. has become the organizer of this seminar, which is inseparable from the development achievements of Changda in the traffic marking industry. In recent years, we have attached great importance to the innovation of marking lines. On the basis of the original new material research and development center, we have set up an engineering technology center, which has made great efforts in the research and construction technology of new materials. Up to now, it has obtained 10 invention patents and 9 utility model patents. At the same time, it has obtained the first batch of specialized “new giant” enterprises selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Changda will continue to intensify its innovation efforts and fully combine the actual needs of the application of the marking line in Guizhou Province to contribute to the improvement of the quality of the marking line in Guizhou Province.