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Xinhuanet Interview: Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. builds China's road marking technology pioneer

Ma Yun created a “Double 11 Singles Festival”, and Changda people created “submerged anti-fouling marking line”, “cement pavement special marking line”, “anti-snow shovel marking line” and “high-speed high-bright marking line” and other potential subdivision targets. Line market. The MMA two-component marking line leads the way with its superior construction suitability. At present, it is dominated by the domestic two-component marking market, accounting for more than 85%, making China into the 3.1 era of road marking development. On March 7, 2014, Du Limin, the chairman of Shanxi Changda Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd., visited the Xinhuanet and introduced us to China's road marking technology.



Developed transportation is an important guarantee for the country's economic development. At present, China's expressways exceed 100,000 kilometers, ranking first in the world. China has become a big vehicle country and a big road country in the world. As a safety mark of traffic, road markings are also an important measure to strengthen joint management. It not only shoulders the responsibility of improving the transportation capacity of the road, but also plays a role in reducing accidents and beautifying the environment. Therefore, it has higher requirements for its performance. To build a technological pioneer of China's road markings and achieve international integration will be the main trend of the development of transportation companies in the future.


The road markings are generated by roads. Their development has been going on for hundreds of years. With the development of economy, social progress, road scale and vehicle performance, the road markings are gradually multi-angled from the beginning. Development in multi-functional, low-emission, high-environmental protection. From the perspective of its development type, foreign development has gone through four stages. The first stage is the solvent paint from the 1920s to the 1960s, that is, the road paint, the construction is fast, basically realizes the separation under low traffic flow, but it is not wear-resistant, non-reflective, and the environmental protection performance is poor; the second stage is five or six. In the European and American countries, the hot-melt marking line, the thickness of chemical fiber is longer and longer, and it can be reflected at night, and still has a large market share. The third stage is the water-soluble marking line, which is first used in North America. It can be reflected at night and the environmental protection efficiency is enhanced. The fourth stage is a two-component marking line, which is more environmentally friendly, longer life and more mainstream. When it arrived in China, its development stage was basically similar to that of foreign countries, but it crossed the third stage and directly entered the double-group line marking period, becoming the mainstream of domestic highway development and leading the Chinese road marking technology pioneer.



Changda road marking
Two-component marking technology, in the words of Du Limin, chairman of Changda, said that two-component technology is like the change of clothes, from thick cotton to thin leather, which is warm and easy, and its thickness is less than that of hot-melt marking. Only 0.6 mm, which is one-fourth of the thickness of the hot-melt marking line, its life span reaches the life of the hot-melt marking line, the reflective performance is better, and its bonding ability to glass beads is very strong. This technology is an international cutting-edge technology that Shanxi Changda Transportation Co., Ltd. has been promoting since 2007. Because of its two important functions of beautifying the environment and reducing accidents, it is very popular among consumers.
Beautifying the environment is an important function of the two-component technology. Cracking the "ten face" and eliminating the "heart and lungs" is one of the top ten hot issues in the two sessions in 2014. Pm2.5 brings human health problems a challenge. The two-component marking line used by Changda does not need to be heated. It does not need to consume gas and natural gas due to heating, like hot-melt coating, which causes air pollution. It is an excellent environmentally friendly product. “Two-component urban anti-pollution marking” has been widely used in many provincial-level cities such as Taiyuan, Harbin, Shijiazhuang, Urumqi, Guiyang, Hohhot, Erdos, Yinchuan, etc. The market is exploding and forming a subversive nature in Shanxi. Marking line product.
Reducing accidents is another important function of the two-component technology. The main application of this technology is colorful pavement. It originated in the UK. It was first used to improve the friction coefficient and reduce traffic accidents. It is mainly used in some intersections and large ramps. At present, the country has already cited some highway tunnel entrances and exits, sharp turns, city bus lanes, harbors and other places. Like our Beijing, some corners of the Third Ring and Fourth Ring Road are also used, which is quite popular among the people. There are two types of colored anti-slip markings in the domestic market. One is epoxy, which is a two-component system. The other is MMA, which is a two-component material system of acrylic. The people usually come into contact with plexiglass, Alec. The material, its biggest feature is suitable for outdoor use, strong UV resistance, strong toughness and good volume. It has a wide application area and many types of applications (painting, scraping, spotting, etc.). It can be used in cold areas to resist snow damage, and it can also be used in rainy areas to solve rainy night reflections.
In an interview with Xinhua, Chairman Du said that Changda must build a Chinese road marking technology pioneer not only to be precise, but also to be in line with international standards. For this reason, in 1998, it passed the ISO9002 product system certification. Each year, 5% of the sales of paints is used for R&D and innovation. Up to now, the company has invested more than 12 million yuan in research and development, completed 5 provincial-level scientific research projects and won awards, and won 7 national invention and utility model patents, 2 provincial-level construction methods, 2 The Department of Transportation Industry Law, published dozens of papers in related industry technology magazines. Long-term cooperation with Germany Evonik Industries Group (the world's top 500) to develop foreign trade business, to ensure that the research and application of long-line marking paint technology and the world's advanced synchronization. Created four major categories and 52 small-scale coating products, combined with more than ten kinds of marking construction techniques, so that the products can cover various environmental application requirements, and have been applied well in the environment of minus 35 degrees in the northeast and 50 degrees in the south.