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Shanxi Satellite TV: Shanxi Changda - policy support to enjoy dividends, continuous innovation and promote development

Moderator's introduction: The real economy is the foundation of a country's economy and the source of wealth. Luo Huining, secretary of the provincial party committee, proposed at the provincial economic work conference that it should reduce the cost burden of enterprises, stimulate the vitality of market entities, and support the development of the real economy. A more realistic move. In the first half of the year, our province earnestly fulfilled the policy dividends, and the financial door-to-door service enterprises promoted the real economy to regain strength and strength.
Shanxi TV reporter Li Yuan: There are such white markings on the roads where we live. How can such a seemingly ordinary white marking be visible during the day and clear at night? It can be said that the coating requirements for the marking line are very high. There is such a company in Shanxi, they have innovated and developed this two-component reflective marking paint. At present, this product has been applied to the road marking of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the winter Olympics support project and the second The construction of the Qinghui special project. Not long ago, this company was awarded the “National First Specialized Special New” Small Giant Enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Taking off the "Little Giant" and "Invisible Champion" is based on the continuous innovation of patented technology. The reporter learned that in the first half of the year, the company successively obtained the tax credit rating A, the intellectual property management system certification, etc., and invested 1 million yuan to introduce the country's first high-speed marking detector to greatly improve work efficiency.
Du Limin, Chairman of Shanxi Changda Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd.: The central government increased the amount of support policies for small and medium-sized enterprises and directly enjoyed the deduction of research and development expenses for high-tech enterprises. This year alone, the company saved 2.6 million yuan; It is (sub-government) subsidies for high-tech enterprises, plus innovation vouchers. Our company has 600,000 yuan, which saves the money. Our courage is even bigger and the enthusiasm is even greater.
In the first half of the year, the province's tax cuts and reductions totaled 19.93 billion yuan, including a tax cut of 14.56 billion yuan and a reduction of 5.37 billion yuan. Basically, "the reduction can be reduced, the decline can be reduced, and the enterprises can be lightly loaded." The goal is that companies spend more money on the cutting edge of innovation.
Jixian County is known as “China's Glassware Capital”, and its featured products are sold in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Not long ago, Jixian County was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to build a glass-ware “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation zone. This is the first national-level SME Sino-foreign cooperative zone named after the “Belt and Road”. The glass industry is mainly oriented to small and medium-sized enterprises. Come to new development opportunities.
Zhang Fushuo, Director of the SME Service Center of Jixian County: Introducing the technology, industry and products of advanced countries, including the introduction of their investment, their talents, their ideas, must be introduced.
Li Jiansheng, Chairman of Jixian Honghai Glass Co., Ltd.: The county party committee and county government will soon hold a glass expo, and we will organize our enterprises to visit, study and research in the countries along the Belt and Road. Next, our business and industry sales are expected to increase by more than 30%.
In the first half of the year, the province continued to increase support. SMEs achieved an increase in operating income of 7.4% and a profit growth of 6.9%. The number of entries in the China Shanxi Province Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition reached 815, the highest in the calendar year.
Li Donghong, director of the Provincial Small Enterprise Development Promotion Bureau: In the first half of this year, 64,000 new small and micro enterprises were established, which is better than the same period of last year. The number of specialized and innovative SMEs has reached more than 500, the highest in the past three years. This fully demonstrates that the entrepreneurial innovation atmosphere of small and medium-sized enterprises is further strengthened.
To support the development of the real economy, it is also necessary to strengthen financial services and do a good job of clearing up debts of private enterprises. By the end of June, the balance of various loans in the province was 2.7 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12%, and the accumulated repayments were 7.7 billion yuan, and the liquidation ratio reached 35%, of which the provincial SOEs accounted for 87%.
Wang Ruilin, Director of the Money and Credit Department of the People's Bank of Taiyuan Central Branch: There are more than 170 online and offline financial products for the service of Pratt & Whitney small and micro enterprises. The interest rate for small and micro enterprises to obtain loans has decreased by 0.76 percentage points year-on-year, while small and micro enterprises have obtained The loan time was shortened by one year and six months compared with the same period. The problems of small and micro enterprise loans, expensive and slow, have been alleviated better.
In the second half of the year, the province will continue to strictly implement tax reduction and fee reduction, seize this biggest policy dividend, innovate financial products, and solve the problem of small and micro enterprise guarantees; strengthen the cultivation of assistance, consolidate the service results of 10,000 cadres, and help enterprises It is listed on the capital market at all levels, focusing on the completion of the annual target tasks of 600 small-scale enterprises, so that the real economy can be loosened and light-weighted.