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Hunan: Jingli Expressway is expected to start construction in November. The total length of the route is 56.94 kilometers, with a total investment of 5.138 billion yuan.

On August 28th, the reporter learned from the Jingli Expressway Construction Coordination Headquarters that the project has completed the preliminary work of land approval, survey and design, line drilling, land acquisition and demolition, and project construction, and will start construction in November. I planned to advance one month earlier.
The Jingzhou-Liping (Xiangyujie) expressway is a large provincial highway extending from the Wu (Gang) Jing (State) Expressway in Hunan Province. The project has been included in the provincial “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” expressway plan. It is a key project identified by the provincial government. The main line of the project starts from the east of Jingzhou County, and the new Xinchong Interchange is connected. The southwest direction is routed. A new Jingzhou South Interchange is opened along the south side of Jingzhou County. The route then extends to the northwest and is routed along the G356 corridor. Township, Pingcha Town, the end of the border in the border of Hunan and Guizhou, connected with the highways in Guizhou Province, the total length of the route is 56.94 kilometers, the total investment is 5.183 billion yuan, the design speed is 100 km / h, the roadbed width is 24.5 meters, design Load road-I grade, the pavement is asphalt concrete pavement, the route is set up to communicate with each other (Xinchong Intercommunication, Jingzhou South Intercommunication, and Sui Tuan Interchange), and there are 2 interchange toll stations. The main line has toll stations, service areas, maintenance workshops, 1 monitoring, management, road administration center and traffic police base.
Liu Wenjun, director of the Jingli Expressway Construction Coordination Command Office, told the reporter that the preparatory work for the construction of the Jingli Expressway has been completed, and the “Overall Work Plan for Land Acquisition and Demolition of Jingli Expressway” and the “Implementation Rules for Compensation for Jingli Expressway” have been formulated. The entire front-line image was fixed, the preliminary investigation of the special economic forest was completed, and the construction coordination headquarters was established. The township (convenience service center) also established a coordination leading group. At the same time, it also organized elite forces to carry out inspections across the board, eliminating the behaviors of building construction, rushing seeds, burying and other factors affecting highway construction, doing a good job of ideological work along the line, and cooperating with construction units to carry out line drilling.
In the next step, the Jingli Expressway Construction Coordination Headquarters will first excavate the red line side ditch on the red line of the first tender section (Wenfeng Tower to Pakou Hongqi Village Section), carry out the physical quantity investigation work, and strive to complete the construction unit in September. The site selection of the project department, the mixing plant, the spoil ground, and the construction access road, and the approval of the land and forest land for temporary land use. In October, the construction of the construction of the three tender sections was completed, and the compensation for land acquisition, demolition and resettlement was comprehensively carried out to ensure the official start of construction in November. (Source: Red Net)