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Gansu: Highway construction and maintenance integration attracts over 3.3 billion yuan

Recently, in the construction site of the Yinshan-Puji Temple section of the Minzhong-Guangxi Highway in Gansu Province, the rubber roller and the double-roller roller are moving around, and the builders are stepping up the pavement construction. This is a microcosm of Gansu Province's efforts to promote the integration of roads. As of the end of July this year, Gansu Province's highway "integration and maintenance integration" raised more than 3.3 billion yuan.
In recent years, Gansu Traffic has actively adapted to the reform of the national investment and financing system, with the principle of “public welfare projects and market-oriented operations”, innovative financing construction mode, and the establishment of “integration and maintenance integration” to protect ordinary provincial roads, tourist highways and rural roads. On the basis of in-depth research, Gansu Transportation has explored three modes of cooperation: “provincial enterprise demonstration”, “local government and enterprise guidance” and “supporting private enterprises”.
As of the end of July this year, Gansu Province has adopted the “integration of construction and cultivation” to raise funds to build 7 road projects under construction in the “13th Five-Year Plan”, with a mileage of about 130 kilometers and a total investment of about 2.6 billion yuan; the provincial road and the newly started construction There are 3 tourist highway projects with a mileage of 122 kilometers and a total investment of about 577 million yuan. The road for hardening projects of the industrial poverty alleviation village group has a package of 387 kilometers and a total investment of about 215 million yuan.
229 Provincial Highway to the West of Yinshan to Puji Temple is the first batch of “construction and integration” highway construction projects in Gansu Province. It adopts the “provincial enterprise demonstration” cooperation mode, and Gansu Luqiao Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Linyi The county government promoted the implementation together. On May 20 this year, the construction team of Gansu Luqiao Construction Group entered the market. At present, the 58-kilometer roadbed renovation project has been basically completed, and it is planned to complete the construction task within this year.
According to the introduction, “integration of construction and maintenance” refers to the “construction of road construction projects to be carried out by the county (city, district) government and the maintenance tasks within a certain period of time, and the selection of provincial state-owned enterprises as cooperation through open tendering. The two parties signed an agreement on “integration of establishment and maintenance” to implement the financing, construction and maintenance of ordinary provincial roads, tourist roads and rural roads in accordance with the agreement. (Source: China Road and Bridge Network)