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World number one! The total length of highways in China is 142,600 kilometers

On August 29th, the Ministry of Transport issued the "Statistical Bulletin of the National Toll Road in 2018". According to the communique, at the end of 2018, the total length of roads nationwide reached 4,846,500 kilometers, 5.2 times that of the end of 1984. Among them, the expressway reached 142,600 kilometers, and the mileage scale ranked first in the world.
At the end of 2018, the national toll road mileage was 168,100 kilometers, accounting for 3.5% of the total road mileage of 4,846,500 kilometers. Among them, there are 137,900 kilometers of expressways, 19,600 kilometers of first-class highways, 9,700 kilometers of secondary roads, and 951 kilometers of independent bridges and tunnels, accounting for 82.0%, 11.7%, 5.7% and 0.6% respectively.
In addition, compared with the end of the previous year, the total mileage of national toll roads increased from 163,737 km to 168,071 km, a net increase of 4,335 km, an increase of 2.6%. Among them, the expressway mileage increased from 132,638 km to 137,877 km, a net increase of 5,239 km, an increase of 3.9%; the first-class highway decreased from 20,667 km to 19,592 km, a net decrease of 1,074 km, a decrease of 5.2%; the mileage of secondary roads increased from 9,550 km. By 9651 kilometers, the net increase was 101 kilometers, an increase of 1.1%; the mileage of independent bridges and tunnels increased from 883 kilometers to 951 kilometers, a net increase of 69 kilometers, an increase of 7.8%. With the continuous increase of highway mileage and the phasing out of ordinary toll roads, the structure of the national toll roads has been further optimized. (Source: China Net)